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TNT Snowpiercer

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TNT Snowpiercer
TNT Snowpiercer
TNT Snowpiercer
TNT Snowpiercer

TNT Snowpiercer Website

For the premiere of the highly anticipated TNT drama Snowpiercer, Incubeta Joystick collaborated with long-time partner Digital Kitchen to strategize and execute a promotional website for the show. TNT wanted the site to introduce audiences to the world of Snowpiercer which centers on the last remnants of humanity who inhabit a perpetually moving train.

Visitors to the site can explore the 1,001 cars of the train and learn more about them through immersive visuals and hotspots. To encourage continued engagement, some of the cars are revealed over time. Fans can sign up for updates as well as participate in designing their own car.

Incubeta Joystick worked with Digital Kitchen on the site’s user experience which included both a simple expanding menu of the train’s three classes and a scrolling side navigation of the 1,001 cars. Our team determined the overall technical approach and brought the site’s vision to life — completing the final build and deploying it to the website.