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Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Incubeta Joystick collaborated with Panay Films to create an attention grabbing Digital-Out-Of-Home campaign, featured throughout New York’s most popular subway stations. Microsoft’s objective was to garner awareness about the Dynamics 365 product line, showcasing the general benefits of the platform, including various analytic tools and tracking metrics dashboards.

As a creative partner, we were tasked with bringing the “reveal the whole picture” tagline to life. Working lock-step with Panay Films, we showcased various industries in which the data-driven product would help clients discover new insights and possibilities within their business. We created 3 unique environment variations – a retail store, a manufacturing warehouse and a shipping boat. We brought the environments to life by breaking through the subway tiles to reveal each unique environment, messaging and product features. The complex animation, was quite successful in bringing awareness to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 product line.