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Koala Dynamic Campaign

Koala is a fast-growing online retailer that makes easy-to-use furniture ranging from mattresses to sofas. Koala was seeking a partner to support them in building their first data-driven display campaign that leverages dynamic capabilities and also to train their in-house creative team to independently update ad copy in real-time. Whereas Koala successfully ran display campaigns prior to the partnership with DQ&A and Incubeta Joystick, their marketing team was looking to create a more personalized ad experience that is easy to maintain without the need for a designer, and to further improve ROI/uplift in conversion.

In order to develop a dynamic campaign focusing on driving awareness as well as on remarketing to existing customers, DQ&A analyzed what creative and messaging resonated well with Koala’s target audiences. Incubeta Joystick designed and built dynamic HTML units for both marketing tactics and leveraged a product feed to create ad variations for each audience. Koala’s creative team was trained in design, feed creation and creative built. High-performing audiences were then programmatically targeted in Display & Video 360, serving the most relevant ad variation through multivariate testing.

To demonstrate the effect dynamic ads had on performance, two promotional campaigns were compared – one running non-dynamic ads, the other the new dynamic ad units. Other variables remained identical: sale offer, budget and time period. The dynamic campaign delivered almost double the amount of add to carts and sales while cutting the cost per conversion by more than half.

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