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Google for Education

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The Dynamic Learning Project Dashboard

The DLP coaching dashboard is a web app that helps coaches better manage and document their: 1:1 meetings with teachers and classroom observations.

In order to streamline each step of the DLP coaching cycle, the DLP coaching dashboard was built to consolidate the coaches’ manual tracking and observation forms and centralize the actionable data they collect. During each cycle, coaches work with teachers individually to help them select, tackle, and then reflect upon a classroom challenge(s).

Through the platform’s teacher tracker, innovation plans, and observation forms, coaches are provided an account in the DLP dashboard to maintain coaching logs of their classroom visits, meetings, and the progress of coached teachers.

It pulls in the input from coaches and teachers in the program and visualizes key metrics that enable Google and coaches to track progress on how many teachers were coached by grade and by subject. More importantly, it visualizes the challenges that the teachers are working on and tracks their progress and growth in impactful technology use.

The data that was aggregated and centrally managed via the dashboard helped identify common challenges facing teachers in preparation for coaching cycles.

This led to a new feature called a Strategy Menu that helps coaches and teachers easily discover strategies and resources for teaching challenges and quickly share tips. You can read about it here.

The results after one year are astounding…

Teachers’ use of technology was more frequent and they made progress with how they use technology and in powerful ways. Not only will the majority of the schools continue with the program, 5 districts are expanding the program to over 42 new schools.

“DLP is the most powerful tool for school performance I’ve seen in my time as an educator.”  — A DLP Teacher