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Fresh Perspectives: Q&A with Lizzie Knopf

With a new year starting up, we wanted to catch up with Lizzie Knopf, our newest Account Manager, to get to know her better and hear her thoughts on data, social marketing, and more.

Lizzie is based in Los Angeles and joined the Incubeta Joystick team back in November. As an AM, she collaborates with our clients and internal teams on digital creative campaigns, helping to bring their vision to life.

1. How did you get your start in the industry and what keeps you interested in it?
I got my start in the industry when I moved from the midwest working as a Master Data Analyst at Thomson Reuters to then applying my knowledge in data analytics to social media marketing at a job in California. Since then I have continued to work as a social account manager where my main interests have formed in creating great/trusting relationships with clients. At the end of the day it’s all about wanting to keep the client happy and having them impressed with the professional, authentic, and timely creative that gets delivered.

2. What are you looking forward to while working at Incubeta Joystick?
I am looking forward to learning about all the different clients we work with and getting to be a part of continuing to grow the business with new and existing clients.

3. What trends are you most excited to see this year in the creative and digital marketing industry?
I think one of the biggest things we will see this year will be watching social media continue to become a much bigger channel for purchase instead of just discovery.

4. What data points do you find most valuable for marketing strategies and performance? Is there anything that’s often overlooked or underestimated by marketers today?

I think the use of demographic data in campaign planning to create more context in your targeting is very valuable. In regards to data that is overlooked, I feel remembering to segment your audience into individual “personas” will help get content built around their special needs.

5. How should brands think about social marketing in 2021? What are some of the biggest changes?
With 2020 causing brands/consumers to face a number of major events, the biggest change will have to be embracing more authenticity and our human side of things on social. Consumers will need more than just a great deal to trust a brand.

6. What’s a recent campaign or project you’re proud of? And what’s one that you’re jealous of?
A recent campaign I am proud of was for a social media trailer launch for Starz’s TV series, American Gods. One campaign/project I am jealous of would be Starbuck’s #What’sYourName campaign on social media.

7. What’s a recent TV show that you’ve binged?
The Undoing on HBO Max.

8. What’s a favorite interest when you’re not working?
One of my favorite interests when i’m not working is traveling and hiking! 

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