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The Kindness Contagion


On March 30th, the United Nations launched a global call out to creatives to help stop the spread of COVID-19. They needed help translating their key public health messages into creative content that will engage and inform people all over the world using the number of channels available to them.

“It is not too late. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Together, we can save lives, protect resources and care for each other.”

The creative team at Incubeta Joystick decided to answer that call and do our part to help promote global solidarity and build a kindness contagion. In order to inspire and spotlight acts of humanity, we asked our creative team to illustrate scenes from their own community and around the world featuring something positive that has resulted from the global pandemic.

Here are those moments — from our creative team, in their own words, illustrated in their own style.


Even during social distancing, people have found ways to communicate and be close to their own. Living in a world where technology has advanced, people take this opportunity to communicate every day through phone and video calls to share their love for one another. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life removed, we now have time to focus on the small details and hobbies that give us joy. These pauses during the day have made our conscience alert to nature and the world around us. In my home country, El Salvador, many homes are tightly positioned near the volcano. Now that the city is quiet and calm, deer have begun to curiously walk and explore the sleepy streets.



In these times of uncertainty, many of us have been forced to slow down from our typical hectic days and schedules. As a result, we’ve been afforded the opportunity to cherish our time with our families, pick up a new hobby, read that book we’ve been meaning to read, or maybe even foster a pet. Though our news reports are often filled with disheartening headlines, we can see by looking out our windows and into the lives and homes of our loved ones, that we’re all in this together. The birds are still chirping, the sun is still shining, and better days are on the horizon.



One street vendor in the Philippines gave away his product called “TAHO” (a traditional snack made of tofu) for free to the healthcare workers and frontliners. He did this so they could at least recover their strength from their long shifts and also was his way of showing his appreciation to their service. One doesn’t need to be rich to give.



The COVID-19 pandemic made us realize what the most important things in our lives are. One of these is our home itself, Earth. It made us realize what we’re doing wrong and how much pollution we were causing. It also made us realize that we aren’t the only ones calling it home. And now that we are all in quarantine/isolation, we basically stopped destroying it and we can actually see Earth recovering and healing. Animals are seen going back to their natural habitat and reclaiming their spaces that we occupied. Air is much cleaner and water pollution is clearing up.



During this global pandemic, people around the world unite to battle COVID-19. The medical staff pierces through the poisonous snakes with humanity and peace prevailing above all.



Before the current situation forced us to shelter in place in our homes, we lived in a constant rush, which not only hurt us, but also our relationship with the environment and those around us. Lately, although circumstances are not ideal, we can see how families have returned to spend time together, to recognize one another and to reunite. Humans are not the only ones to have benefited but also those of various species that have been displaced.



This design represents the big role bicycles play in providing alternative transportation for people who want to help in this time of need. In the Philippines, frontliners have to walk since public transportation has been shut down due to enhanced community quarantine. As a result, communities have organized bike sharing programs. Bike riding also reduces our carbon footprint as it’s a pollution-free mode of transportation, thus resulting in clean air and clear blue skies as shown in the image. During this global crisis, every little act of kindness goes unnoticed. Whether it be caring for the elderly, delivering goods for those in need, sharing a bike, or risking your life as a medical professional, there is a bit of heroism in all of us willing to help.



The continuous spread of COVID-19 changed the norm of almost everything in the world. A lot of companies and popular tourist spots are closed down. The usually bustling city streets are all empty. People are all staying inside their home to observe the social distancing protocols ordered by governments. Despite all of this, our Earth is finally given a change to breath. Our environment is healing. Illustrated to mimic Earth, a koi fish, representing love, swims freely in the clean and pollution free water.



I wanted to create something that a 4 year old could understand. This concept uses basic shapes to relay the meaning of this global pandemic. The best weapon in order to defeat the virus (COVID-19) is love. I wanted to capture that emotion in a simple image. The balloon represents “love” that is shared between the adult and child. This means that we should be ready to give our everything to the ones we love the most. Letting go of the virus balloon represents the hope that we can remove the trauma it brought by just learning to accept one another and love.



Authorities around the world implemented a strict lockdown policy, worldwide flights are closed and people have been told to stay in their homes. Industries, transportation networks and businesses have closed down and in a matter of weeks this global pandemic is having a positive effect on the environment. The lockdowns around the world show how quickly the natural world adapts and thrives in our absence.

From cleaner air to liberated wildlife; in Manila, Philippines – due to the significant drop in air pollution, the Sierra Madre mountain range is now visible in the city. The canals of Venice now boast crystal clear waters enough to see the fish swimming below. Thanks to empty beaches, over 475,000 endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles have come ashore to dig their nests and lay eggs.





This illustration is a representation of kindness and camaraderie, showing groceries being delivered to different homes in need. Although it’s been chaotic these last few weeks we have seen and heard of many people being generous with their time and energy helping others despite their own fear. It’s always amazing that in times of crisis there are so many that muster up the courage to put others first. Even if you’re just asking your elderly neighbor if they want some orange juice or paper goods from the supermarket, it makes a difference.



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