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Incubeta Joystick to partner with AdLingo from Google Area 120


Incubeta Joystick is thrilled to announce a new partnership with AdLingo, a conversational marketing platform founded inside Area120, Google’s incubator for experimental projects. Incubeta Joystick will work with AdLingo to help scale the new ecosystem of conversational ads. Having received early access to AdLingo’s technology, Incubeta Joystick began experimenting with it for a range of use cases.


The AdLingo Ad format brings the two-way dialogue of chatbots and conversational assistants to online advertising. Incubeta Joystick introduced the innovative ad format at the Incubeta Ignite event with the prediction that the future of creative is conversational citing new advances in conversational AI.


Designing for conversation is a whole new level of engagement that requires a new lens to achieve a successful two-way dialogue with the consumer. Understanding the client’s objectives and especially the consumer’s needs is essential for building a conversational experience. 


AdLingo supports Dialogflow which provides the conversational AI (Natural Language Understanding) to analyze and understand the user’s intent and respond in the most helpful way. Incubeta Joystick has been working with Dialogflow since 2015 and this experience proved to be a critical component to support the partnership and ramp up quickly for client work. Incubeta Joystick was able to quickly put the workflow and tools in place to adapt to a conversational ad dialogue and execute at scale. 

Incubeta Joystick CEO, Sara Francis had this to say about the relationship, “We’re excited to partner with AdLingo and champion their go-to-market efforts. Our team is uniquely suited to support both their design and development needs as well as align with their sales team. It felt like a good fit for us.”


Vic Fatnani, Co-Founder and General Manager of AdLingo will be joining Sara on a panel at the Seattle Interactive Conference this October to discuss Intelligent Advertising in the Age of Assistance, a topic that lends itself to AdLingo’s ability to provide a personalized experience while being respectful to the consumer. More on the panel here.


“We are thrilled to have the creative minds at Incubeta Joystick as our partners as we evolve our product roadmap and scale our offering globally.” says Fatnani “It is important to bring a conversational experience that is helpful for the user and to bring this conversation in the right context, when users are browsing the web looking for information or inspiration. So it’s really critical for us to have the right partner who can develop the most relevant conversational experience for brands. We know our clients are in good hands with Incubeta Joystick.”


Incubeta Joystick has been producing digital ads for over a decade. It believes that quality is key and efficiency is fundamental. The creative agency has refined the production process to give its clients the most flexibility while being as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


Driven by its desire to become masters of the latest ad technology, it constantly pushes the limits by collaborating with partners who share its excitement for cutting-edge digital experiences.


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