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Sara Francis to Host Panel at Seattle Interactive Conference


Sara Francis, CEO of Incubeta Joystick, will be moderating a panel at the Seattle Interactive Conference on October 18th, focusing on Intelligent Advertising in the Age of Assistance. She will be joined by Vic Fatnani (AdLIngo @ Google), Simon Asselin (true[X]), and Capulet Poehner (Best Buy) as they explore the future of digital advertising in this new assistive age.

Today’s consumers have high expectations for brands and platforms they engage with. With immediate access to the wealth of information on the internet via mobile devices, it’s easy to research on your own and make decisions based on more than just traditional advertising. If brands don’t engage consumers when, where, and how they want, they will find
someone or something that can.

While this shift has complicated advertising, it presents an important opportunity for brands to become a useful source of assistance for consumers. Companies that invest in smart advertising and prioritize helpful experiences for customers will thrive as the assistive trend continues.

The panel will delve deeper into emerging tech-enabled ads, such as those based on voice and machine learning, and discuss how marketers can prepare to succeed in the age of assistance.

Incubeta Joystick has been developing breakthrough ads in this space and we’re looking forward to a great conversation with industry experts. You can learn more about the conference and speakers

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